At May's G8 summit, David Cameron has an opportunity to free millions of children from a life sentence of hunger. Let him know how important it is that he seizes this chance to save children’s lives. Sign our chain letter to David Cameron and send it on. Together, we can give every child a life free from hunger.

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Dear Prime Minister

The world has enough food for everyone, yet every year millions of children are born into hunger.  More than a third of children who die under five lose their lives because they can’t get the food they need – that’s 300 every hour.

For millions more children, malnutrition is a life sentence. Because they have no access to basic nutritious foods, they are starved of vital nutrients and their bodies and minds cannot develop properly. This leaves children weaker and less likely to survive severe food shortages like the one unfolding across Africa from Senegal to Somalia right now.

You have the power to help free millions of children from hunger at the G8 Summit in May. With food security on the agenda, this is a make-or-break opportunity to tackle hunger and save children’s lives. We can’t afford to let it pass us by.

You and your fellow leaders can break the chains of hunger by agreeing to:

  • a food security initiative that focuses on nutrition. Not only should agriculture produce more food but it must produce more nutritious food.
  • increased funding for proven solutions to tackle malnutrition, such as fortifying foods with vitamins – just like cereals are here in the UK.
  • set a global target to reduce malnutrition, which will galvanise political action on hunger.

During the two day G8 Summit that you are attending, more than 14,000 children will die as a result of malnutrition.

Please help end hunger and malnutrition.


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