Together we can protect children in conflict

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One in six children across the world are living in conflict zones. Children are more at risk in conflict now than at any time in the last 20 years.

From Syria to South Sudan, Yemen to DRC, children are caught up in violence, which is not of their making.

Children are being killed and maimed, raped and recruited, and being denied aid and medical care.

Places where children should be safe, such as schools and hospitals are being targeted in horrific attacks.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option. We have the power to make change happen. 

That’s why we’re campaigning to make sure that children caught in conflict are protected.

Help us speak up for these children join our campaign now.

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You’ve shown no one is too powerful to be held accountable

Together we are powerful. When people like you make a stand, we can make a real difference to children caught in conflict around the world.

This year you called on the UN to make sure all those who have killed and maimed children in Yemen are named in this year’s ‘Children in Armed Conflict’ report – including the Saudi Arabia-led coalition.

This was after last year’s politicised decision to remove the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition from the report despite clear evidence of grave violations against children being committed in Yemen. This was a mistake. Everyone that commits grave violations against children should be listed, no matter how powerful they are.

You told the UN this was simply not acceptable - they listened. This year the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, alongside the other groups fighting in Yemen, was named and shamed for grave violations against children. You’ve shown no one is too powerful to be held accountable.

This victory was down to the thousands of you who made a stand. This victory was a step in the right direction but we know there’s still more to do to protect children in conflict in Yemen, and across the world.

Stand with us. Join our campaign now.


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