We must protect children in war

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War is putting children at risk as never before.

Around the world, from Syria to Yemen, boys and girls are living in fear for their lives.

They’re being killed and maimed as towns and cities are bombed and bombarded.

Places where children should be safe, such as schools and hospitals are being targeted in horrific attacks.

This must stop. Even wars must have limits.

That’s why we’re asking our government to make sure that children caught in conflict are protected.

Help us speak up for these children join our campaign now.

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See the six commitments we're calling for

Our declaration

  1. STOP BOMBING CHILDREN: The bombing of homes, towns and cities must end
  2. ALLOW ACCESS TO HELP: Children must be given help whenever they need it, wherever they are
  3. KEEP SCHOOLS SAFE: Children must be educated in safety
  4. STOP SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN: Children must be better safeguarded from sex attacks
  5. NO CHILD SOLDIERS: Children should never be part of armed forces or groups
  6. DO RESPONSIBLE ARMS DEALS: British companies should never profit from the killing of children.


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