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Photograph by Magda Rakita, Save the Children

Children learn so much in their early years – discovering through play, starting to speak and understand others.

Yet today in Scotland, children growing up in poverty are twice as likely as those from better off households to have difficulties with their early language development.

Many of them will find it hard to catch up, making school difficult and harming their future life chances.

We’re calling on the Scottish government to invest in children’s early years. This means giving more support to parents, and making sure staff have what they need to deliver world-class early learning and childcare.

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Why it's so important

Every child deserves the best start in life. But today in Scotland, too many children aren’t getting the support they need to thrive.

Early language skills are the essential building blocks that children need to understand the world around them and go on to fulfil their potential.

Parents know how important these years are, but they need the right support to help their children learn at home.

And we know that high quality early learning and childcare makes a big difference to children’s early learning too, particularly for the poorest children. An early years teacher in every nursery, supporting a team of caring and skilled staff, could transform children’s early language skills.

We’re calling for the Scottish government to invest in children’s early years by supporting parents and making sure staff can deliver world-class early learning and childcare.

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