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A child’s early years are so important, but not every child gets the support they need at this age.

High-quality childcare transforms a child’s early years, helping them to learn and grow. But families are fighting a childcare system that seems to make life more difficult.

The quality varies wildly and it’s often too costly, affecting parents who want to return to work. It’s complicated as well, so some families miss out on what they’re entitled to.

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A big opportunity

Investing in early learning during childcare is a huge opportunity as the early years of a child’s life are so important. Childcare has the power to support every child with their early development. It can help parents return to work and raise family income, ensuring children have the best opportunities in life.

But the varying quality of childcare means many children are missing out on the support they need. And for parents, childcare is expensive and we have a complex and confusing system. 

That’s why we’re launching an ambitious campaign to transform England’s childcare system. We’ve already convinced the government to explore delivering high quality childcare in the most disadvantaged areas. 

Join us as we fight to achieve even more change.


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