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The childcare system in England isn’t working for struggling families.

 Millions of us rely on childcare. It sets young children up for life – and it gives busy parents the choice to go back to work and earn the money that will help to make a home fit for kids to learn and develop in.

 But while nursery workers and childminders are doing an incredible job, our childcare system just isn’t working for struggling families.

 Parents who are claiming Universal Credit are having to pay their monthly childcare bill upfront. That means that some families are spending a huge chunk of their monthly wage before their child has even stepped foot in a nursery.

 This has a massive impact on struggling families and their kids. It stops parents from using childcare that helps them juggle day to day life and it even pushes some families into debt.

 The government needs to make urgent changes to our childcare system. They should make it affordable for struggling families, help parents out with the upfront costs, and help them to navigate a confusing system. 

 Sign our petition calling on Esther McVey to Make Childcare Work.


Dear Esther McVey

Despite progress, the childcare system in England isn’t working for families. Childcare bills are still too high, the quality varies and simply figuring out what parents are entitled to is a big hurdle.

Please take urgent steps to deliver a childcare system in England that is more affordable, easy to use so parents face less stress and can access the nursery hours they need, and delivers the best possible start for children.


By signing our petition, and taking action in your community, you will help us raise childcare up the UK government’s agenda and show them just how many people want a childcare system that gives children the best start and parents choices.

Together we can Make Childcare Work.


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