Prime Minister: Please act on the Hunger & Malnutrition Crisis in East Africa

Right now, every 48 seconds, someone in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia is dying from hunger.

While the stats tell us how many kids are dying, they can’t tell us how it feels for these children. When a child goes without the right food for too long, their bodies reach a point where they start to shut down. Their essential functions – vision, respiration, thinking – stop working properly.

We are not doing enough to help them. The UK must urgently increase funding to tackle global malnutrition. Let’s stop this crisis in its tracks.

Sign the petition demanding our Prime Minister take action now to save children’s lives. Make this the last famine the world sees. #HungryForAction.


Photo at top of page: Ahmed*,a one year old child at a stabilisation centre we run in Puntland, Somalia, where Ahmed has started to recover from malnutrition (Sacha Myers / Save the Children).

*We've changed his name to protect him and his family|


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