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Repatriate British children currently in North-East Syria.


British children are trapped in north-east Syria's horrifying war. Join our call to bring them to safety in the UK so they can recover.

We want the UK government to urgently bring home all British children stranded in north-east Syria.

The UK has a chance to help these children recover and give them a future. But as the conflict intensifies, the opportunity to get them home is slipping away fast. 

Children in Syria who have fled ISIS-held areas are innocent. Yet their short lives have been full of violence and fear. Swept up in horrors beyond their control, they’re now stranded in desolate camps in dire conditions or forced to flee this new wave of violence.

Hundreds of children have already died due to the horrific conditions in displacement camps.  Many more have been injured or disabled from the fighting.

One girl arrived at a camp with shrapnel embedded in her stomach. She was in so much pain while waiting for treatment that she resorted to cutting it out herself using a rusty razorblade she found on the floor. 

There is a small window of time to take action. We know that with the right care, these children can start to play, learn and rebuild their lives. 

We can and must help British children survive this conflict and give them the best chance to recover – by bringing them to the UK to be surrounded by care and support. 

While they remain in Syria, the UK government must take all feasible steps to ensure these children are protected. 

The war in Syria has already claimed too many children’s lives, we need to act now.



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