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Prime Minister – don’t risk children’s futures

Boris Johnson has brought the aid budget under the control of the Foreign Office.

The Department for International Development (DFID) was created to tackle global poverty and over the past 23 years has championed immunisation, children's education and gender equality. Now, as a result, millions of children can grow up to fulfil their potential.

Tell the Prime Minister to make sure UK aid continues to reach the children who need it most. 

It’s not right that children could lose out because of this decision made by our government. We oppose it.

Act today: urge the Prime Minister to rethink his decision. The more people who share their outrage at this decision, the more Boris Johnson will have to listen.


Over the past 23 years DFID has championed initiatives on immunisation, HIV-AIDS, gender equality, education, and health. In some of the toughest places on earth, DFID has delivered results that have transformed the lives of people living on the margins. It has overseen the delivery of UK aid while meeting the highest standards of transparency and accountability (the Foreign Office is not in the same league).

DFID’s impact can be measured by counting the number of children now alive and healthy who might have lost their lives to preventable disease, or by considering the number of girls now in school rather than in early marriage because of UK aid. 

The fact that this is a government department that projects values of compassion, human solidarity and empathy onto the global stage is something we can all be proud of. These are the values that define the best of the UK. 

Put simply: DFID’s focus is to make sure UK aid transforms the lives of the children that need it most, and this isn’t a priority for the Foreign Office.



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