Tell our Government: Yemen's War Must End

The war in Yemen has stopped Razan from doing the things she loves. But if Britain steps up, an end to the conflict could be in sight.

Call on our government to pressure all sides to put down their weapons and talk.

If our Foreign Secretary leads the way to peace talks, children like Razan could get the little things they love back. But he will only rise to the challenge if he knows you care.

Stand with children like Razan – sign the petition and call on our government to push for peace in Yemen.

What we're calling for

You don’t know your own strength. You can persuade our government to push for peace in Yemen:

1.Amplify calls to end the war: Lead a UN Security Council trip and get all parties involved in the conflict to agree a ceasefire across Yemen.

2.Demand aid gets to Yemen’s children: Get the warring parties to ensure aid and commercial imports reach those who need it.

3.Make sure everyone has their voice heard: Increase funding so that the demands of children, women, people with disabilities, civil society and local groups are included in the peace negotiations.

4.Make sure children are protected: Get parties to agree on an action plan with the UN to stop violations of children’s rights.

5.Stop selling arms that are fuelling the war: Cancel all existing sales agreements and licenses to Saudi Arabia and other coalition forces.


Sign the petition

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