Coronavirus: Standing with families in the UK

The government has so far announced a package of measures that will have a big impact on families, but there are significant gaps, and we can all work together in the coming months to stop more children and families falling into poverty during the coronavirus crisis.  

Save the Children is, with others, calling on the government for a Family Rescue Package: a set of practical measures based on our experiences of working with families and children up and down the UK to help ensure stability of income of families and children through this crisis. Click 'What we're asking the government to do' below to learn more about these measures. 

We must support struggling mums and dads who risk losing their jobs, having to take unpaid leave or reduce their hours, and ensure children are supported to learn and play, through this difficult time. Children’s happiness and learning shouldn’t get lost in the crisis that we all find ourselves in. 

Up and down the country, we’re seeing communities come together to support each other in these unprecedented times – but there is still more we can do to support children and families.

Add your name to support our call to action to ensure that all families get the help they need to get through this crisis. 

What we're asking the government to do:

Strengthen the safety net by increasing the child element of Universal Credit and child tax credit by £20, raising the benefit cap and pausing repayment on advances to cover the 5-week wait
Support families who fall ill by extending statutory sick pay to all 
Ensure no child falls behind in their online learning by providing digital access and devices to families in need

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