Save our Education

Every child has the right to learn.

Since school closures put learning on hold, nearly 10 million children around the world are at risk of never going back. And children living in poverty are most at risk - particularly girls, refugee children, disabled children and those from ethnic minority groups.

But a better future is possible.

Urge Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to bring world leaders together and help every child get back to school. If we come together at this time of crisis, we can give every child the chance to shape their own future.

What are we calling for?

The UK has a critical role in giving children everywhere the chance to learn and the chance of a better future. We're calling on the British government to do three things:

1. Coordinate global action to give every child the chance to learn. Children need to get back to school urgently – and the world needs to come together to achieve this. The UK government must use its leadership to bring world leaders together and make a global action plan to get children back to school.

2. Support countries to build strong education systems. The UK has committed to champion good-quality education for all girls. Honouring that promise will take both global leadership and sustainable funds. The UK must lead the world in funding programmes so that all children – including girls – can get back to school.

3. Tackle root causes that stop children learning. Poverty keeps children – particularly girls – out of school. The UK government can lead the way by working with the poorest countries to make sure that health, nutrition and education systems work for everyone.


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