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Britain is committed to spending 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) on aid.

Right now, the impact of coronavirus is rolling back years of progress against poverty. Getting children everywhere vaccinated and back to school is the only way the world can recover.

The pandemic’s impact means our economy has shrunk, so the aid budget has too. But the Government wants to go further.

Ministers want to break their own manifesto commitment - so that they can cut the aid budget even more.

This cut would mean a tiny saving for the Government, but a disaster for children around the world. We’d be leaving the poorest children in the world behind, at a time when they most need our help to survive.

Together, we can stop this. Five former prime ministers have spoken out against the cut, now it's time to add our voices.

Please write to your MP urging them to save UK aid.

If the Government truly wants to commit to a Global Britain, they need to reconsider the millions of children’s futures they’re threatening with this decision.



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